We're here to help you with your finances

Clarity is focused on accounting and tax expertise to small business owners
and individuals.

We are driven by our client’s stories. Quite unexpected, perhaps, for a team of accounting and
tax professionals. Yet our client’s journeys – and our shared perspectives – are at the centre of
everything we do.

This is why Clarity Professional Group was formed: combining our world class business thinking,
with our network of professional experts working closely together to give you peace of mind on
your journey – both now, and in the years ahead.

Business and Investment structure

Create the right structure

We "Build a Moat" around you and your assets to optimise your
after tax cash flow.


Accounting and tax Expertise

We can prepare your management and financial reports and help
you meet your tax obligations.


Help business grow

There is no shortage of growth opportunities, we help you find and
execute on the "profitable growth opportunities".

Who we are


Warren Seeto


Starting out in the 1990’s as a Chartered Accountant in Sydney, Warren later
expanded his accounting, tax and business valuation experience at Coopers &
Lybrand, KPMG, Deloitte and WHK.

Since then, Warren returned full-circle to own and manage the accountancy firm
that he first worked at. Following this fulfilling milestone, Warren continued to
focus on his passion for grass roots accounting that provides strategic personal and
business advice, which goes to the heart of people’s lives.

“What I do begins and ends with people. Numbers are important – but only once we
understand our clients’ goals and challenges. Our clients come to us because we are
different; our personal insight delivers client results.”

Our Values

It's about trust

It's not a money thing for us; it's a trust thing. Clarity's story is focused on helping our clients get to wherever
they want to be - both now, and in the long term. And along the way, we continuously work to protect our
clients' assets and to mitigate any risk.

Our culture is based on these themes:


Do the best
you can.


Do the right thing.
Be accountable!


Show people
that you care.


Be coachable.

And we make decisions using our core values:

Talk Straight

Talk straight


Be implementation
kings - just do it

Build enduring relationships

Build enduring

Add more value

Add more value

Have your back

We always have your back

Have fun and celebrate

Have fun and celebrate

Your money, sorted. Your financial future,
planned. Your ideas, executed.